About Kelly

I’m a writer, producer and creator who has accrued over 100,000,000 YouTube video views and 100,000,000 minutes watched in the past year.

As a former video producer at BuzzFeed, I had the highest output in my two years there. I was responsible for ideating, pre-producing, casting, lighting, shooting and editing all of my own projects. I fostered new relationships with outside clients such as NASA, the NFL and other establishments and individuals around the country. I created viral content surrounding topics such as comedy, women’s issues, health, social impact and Internet trends.

Before BuzzFeed, I acted as Chief Creative Producer of MTV’s university channel, formerly known as MTVU. I created 8 new series for the network, all of which were broadcast on college campuses across the United States. I was also a humor and viral news writer for Mashable, where I was regularly ranked as the writer with the top output and article views.

Personally, I’m a dog parent to my rescue puppy Buzz. I love comedy, the Philadelphia Eagles, comfy sweats and expensive candles. I also drink a lot of coffee and eat a lot of cake, for which I am unapologetic.